If your previously white smile has become dull and unattractive, causing you to feel less confident or to smile less, then you may benefit from professional teeth whitening. Paul Weintraub, DMD provides quick and affordable professional teeth whitening for his clients in Tyler, TX looking to brighten their teeth and restore the former luster.

There are many reasons why your pearly whites lose their gleam and become discolored or stained over time, including:

  • Your lifestyle habits such as using tobacco products
  • Consuming colored foods and beverages
  • Taking certain medications
  • Ageing

If you desire a brighter smile, we can schedule your teeth whitening procedure to reduce the discoloration and make your teeth whiter. This will help to improve your appearance and make you less self-conscious so you can smile more.

What’s Involved in the Teeth Whitening Procedure? - Tyler, TX

We offer a range of teeth bleaching options, including in-office and at-home approaches that are budget-friendly and convenient for you. Dr. Weintraub works with each individual patient to use the most appropriate bleaching process for your teeth, while taking into account your schedule and budget.

In-office whitening

During in-office teeth whitening, Dr. Weintraub will make a few preparations to ensure that you’re comfortable during the session. The process involves application of whitening gel on the teeth and leaving it on for a time before removal. A special light is used to enhance the effectiveness of the whitening gel. After a few sessions of the whitening gel application and removal, Dr. Weintraub will evaluate your teeth to check the progress of the bleaching process and how many subsequent treatments will be required to achieve the desired results.

At-home whitening kit

If you prefer a take-home whitening approach, Dr. Weintraub will make customized bleaching trays from impressions of your teeth. These are designed to fit snugly and keep the bleaching gel against your teeth for adequate penetration without irritating your gums. You only need to wear the trays overnight or for a specific amount of hours depending on your case. Your teeth will become gradually whiter, with only some periodic touch-up treatments to maintain a bright smile.

Schedule your teeth whitening session today

Whether you want to look your best for an upcoming event, or just want to build your confidence and self-esteem with a whiter smile, teeth whitening can give you the results you want. To improve your smile, please contact our office in Tyler, TX to schedule a consultation with Dr. Weintraub today.