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Orthodontic patients in Tyler, TX can now spend less time correcting crooked teeth with braces with more precise results. With SureSmile technology, Paul Weintraub, DMD uses digital scans of the patient’s teeth to define the best direction to move them to the desired position, and then calculates all the customization required to deliver the treatment plan. SureSmile robots then precisely translate the customization to each of the archwires, which helps to reduce treatment time by about 30 percent while enhancing the quality of treatment outcomes.

How SureSmile Works - Tyler, TX

Braces’ wiring with Suresmile technology is sculpted by robots, unlike the manual approach associated with traditional braces. As a result, the margin of error within the wire is significantly reduced, so it closely matches the doctor’s prescriptions for the patient’s teeth. SureSmile technology uses virtual simulations, advanced 3D imaging, and robotically bent arch wires, which are custom-made for the patient’s personal treatment.

As such, SureSmile is often referred to as “smart” wires. It removes any guess work out of your orthodontic treatment. It doesn’t work by moving your teeth faster. Rather, it allows for more precision in teeth movement compared to using conventional arch wires, which means that you arrive at the desired result sooner, effectively reducing treatment time.

Benefits of the SureSmile program include:

  • Precise movement of individual teeth using custom wires
  • Reduces time spent in braces by about one-third
  • Fewer dental appointments
  • Less pain for the patient
  • Higher quality results
  • You get to enjoy your enhanced smile sooner

What to expect

During treatment, Dr. Weintraub will start by performing a SureSmile scan to produce a 3D model of your mouth. He will then move the model’s teeth to their ideal position. Next, a shape memory alloy archwire is robotically bent according to your customized prescription. Dr. Weintraub can customize the bends for each patient depending on their specific orthodontic goals.

The unique shape memory alloy archwire is capable of remembering your prescription, so it uses body heat to restore its original form. Once the archwire is tired to brackets, the reshaping process is triggered by the patient’s natural body heat, causing it to exert gentle forces that consistently move the teeth until they reach the desired final position.

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The SureSmile system is an innovative orthodontic approach to correcting misaligned teeth, so you can enjoy a beautiful and bright smile sooner, while incurring less pain. Contact our office in Tyler, TX to schedule your appointment with Dr. Paul Weintraub today.

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