The appearance of your teeth and aesthetic of your smile can be affected by crooked or over crowded teeth, a misaligned jaw, gaps between your teeth, or over / under bite. Some of these issues can even affect your ability to eat and speak properly, becoming a constant cause of discomfort. If you’re suffering from such orthodontic issues, Paul Weintraub, DMD in Tyler, TX will investigate your case and recommend the appropriate orthodontic appliances to straighten your teeth, correct any associated problems, and improve your confidence.

Timely orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic issues such as crooked teeth and misaligned jaws make it harder to maintain oral hygiene, increasing the risk of tooth loss due to decay and periodontal disease. Additionally, misaligned teeth and jaws exert more pressure on the chewing muscles, which can lead to headaches, shoulder, neck and back pain, and TMJ syndrome. If you’re not confident about your smile, this could also negatively impact your social and career life.

Orthodontic treatment in Tyler, TX involves the use of different orthodontic appliances, such as braces, aligners, and retainers to gradually move and maintain the proper position of your teeth.

Orthodontics in Tyler, TX

During your appointment, Dr. Weintraub will assess your teeth and mouth to identify whether orthodontic appliances will be beneficial to you. Depending on the results of the first consultation, which will include a full dental and medical history assessment, a clinical exam, special x-rays, and models of the damaged teeth, he will create an appropriate orthodontic treatment plan for your case.

With advances in dentistry, there are many types of fixed and removable appliances that can be applied in orthodontic treatment to help move misaligned/crooked teeth, retrain muscles, and influence the growth of your jaws. Some of the common options include:

  • Braces – comprise brackets that are fixed to the front part of the teeth and arch wires that connect to them in order to exert tension on the teeth.
  • Removable Aligners – removable clear aligners used in Invisalign treatment for straightening your teeth discreetely
  • Space maintainers – used to keep the space where a baby tooth is prematurely lost open until the adult tooth erupts
  • Splints – jaw repositioning appliances to train the jaw to close in the proper position
  • Removable retainers – help prevent teeth from shifting
  • Head gear – help to adjust the jaw position

These and other orthodontic devices work by exerting a continuous but gentle pressure on your teeth and jaws for a period of between 6 and 24 months. They can be fixed or removable depending on your case.

Start your orthodontic treatment today

Please contact our office in Tyler, TX to learn more about available orthodontic treatments and/or schedule an appointment with Dr. Weintraub to discuss options to straighten your teeth and improve your smile.