If you’re looking for comprehensive dental services in Tyler, TX that take every aspect of your oral health into consideration, then you should visit Paul Weintraub, DMD. In addition to closely examining the state of your teeth and gums, Dr. Weintraub also performs annual oral cancer screenings during your routine dental checkups.

Although there’s an increasing number of people affected by this deadly disease, early detection and prompt intervention often results in better treatment outcomes, increasing your survival rate to 85 - 90%. As such, it’s important to be proactive about your holistic oral health by scheduling your annual cancer screenings in Tyler, TX with Dr. Weintraub.

What to expect during oral cancer screenings - Tyler, TX

Oral cancer appears in one of two areas:

  • The oral cavity, which includes your teeth, gums, lips, cheeks, floor and roof of your mouth, and front two-thirds of your tongue
  • The oropharynx, which refers to the mid-region of the throat, including the base of the tongue and tonsils

During your oral cancer screening, Dr. Weintraub will visually and physically examine all these areas while checking for the signs of cancer. You will be required to take out all removable dental appliances for unobstructed viewing. Some common indicators of oral cancer include swellings, bumps, ulcerations, patches of color, asymmetries, and other abnormalities that cause pain. Painless swelling may be an indicator of other problems.

Dr. Weintraub will use various dental tools such as a light, mirror, and tongue depressor to look inside your mouth/nose, move your tongue around, and expose areas that are difficult to see. After the visual examination, he will physically examine your head and cheeks by feeling around the jaw, chin, and oral cavity to check for any abnormalities.

Keep in mind that oral cancer screening is a precautionary measure, not diagnostic. If there are no problems, Dr. Weintraub will schedule your next routine checkup and oral cancer screening. But if there’re suspicious symptoms, he may refer you for further tests to get a clearer view of the problem and initiate treatment as needed.

Fast oral cancer screening in Tyler, TX

Dr. Weintraub automatically includes oral cancer screenings in every dental checkup. So after your visit, you reap the benefits of both a healthier mouth and smile and peace of mind. Please contact our office in Tyler, TX today to schedule your oral cancer screening.